12511034_m - grace's blog spring cleaning 1On Groundhog Day, February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow – this means we have 6 more weeks of winter. Spring is right around the corner. Although it may not look like it right now, we will be turning down the heat, opening all the windows, airing out the house and preparing for the warm weather. At this time of the year our thoughts often turn to ‘Spring Cleaning’ – a time to de-clutter and give the house a cleaning from top to bottom.

In the winter months it’s hard to get motivated, the thought of household cleaning is a project we think should wait until the spring. Before we know it spring will be here and we will have too much on our plate. Here are some tips to help get you started during the winter months. 

Tip 1 – Closets

Start with the closets, try to clean and organize them one at time, let say: one per week or every other week. This would give you a good start – by the time spring comes you will have them done. Go through your winter clothes, shoes, boots, etc. and donate what you no longer wear.

Since the winter holidays are over, store away the winter holiday clothes you won’t be wearing again this year. If you have dry cleaning plastic, plastic bags or tissue, wrap your holiday clothes in it, neatly put all into a plastic storage container and label it “Winter Holiday Clothes”.

Tip 2 – Clean from top to bottom

This tip is using some “simple common sense” and will ensure you don’t do the same job twice. Start from the top of a room and tackle the ceiling cobwebs, walls, shelves and furniture surfaces before you clean the skirting boards and vacuum. Dust and grime will fall as you work, so working top to bottom allows you to clean stray debris as you go along.

Tip 3 – Add a splash of vinegar to make those windows shine

Make your windows squeaky clean and clear by adding some vinegar to water and spray onto the glass, then simply wipe clean with a new Supercloth the original gray/black. It’s a great product to use for other house cleaning task and is eco-friendly too.

Tip 4 – Find your preference

There is no right or wrong way to spring cleaning. You have to find your preference, some people clean by washing windows, dusting walls and furniture, vacuuming, washing all the floors at once. Some like to clean one room at time and tackle the same task – you need to be the judge. It’s all about preference. If you attack the task your way it will make you much happier to do spring cleaning because you did it the way you want.

Don’t forget to have Supercloth before hand to help with your cleaning chores. To clean the walls use the Supercloth for Floors the material is thicker it will absorb the dust and dirt better.

The arrival of Spring

12862861_mWhen spring arrives you will have a head start on your spring cleaning using the tips above.  Open the windows you cleaned earlier to air everything out (I cannot wait…). Your home will fill up with fresh, clean, spring air.