Spring is finally here – I can’t wait to open the windows and air out the house. It has been one long winter for us new englanders. For those of you that live in warmer climate year round or during the winter months, it must be wonderful. We love where we live and learn to appreciate the spring after a long winter. Last month we gave you some “spring cleaning tips” this month we want to talk about cleaning your floors now and some Super exciting news – our monthly cleaning tips contest. 

Let’s talk “cleaning floors”

How many of you putt off cleaning floors until spring? It’s been such a messy winter, all that dirt being tracked into the house even with mats to clean your feet, the dirt still gets on our floors.  A friend of mine has everyone take their shoes and boots off right as they enter the house. Some of you have “mud rooms” – what a luxury that is this year.

The thought of cleaning your floors during this long winter, seemed like a wast of time. Now, it’s time to get started. If you start now, you will see your floors cleaner for a longer period of time. It will give you a good feeling of accomplishment. Let’s start by tackling one room at a time, perhaps the rooms furthest away from entry doors into the house. Make the best of the Supercloth Floor cloth – clean the hardwood floors first, they scratch easily, then clean the ceramic and other types of floors.

Supercloth Floor Kit 

floorkit2We have a wonderful product at Supercloth Clean, the Supercloth Floor Kit. This is not just any ordinary Floor Kit, it will make the task of washing floors a Super experience. Supercloth Floor Kit is durable beyond belief, steady and will last a lifetime! 

The set includes one lightweight, telescopic, aluminum handle with a universal tip and a 360-degree, removable mop head; eight floor refills; and two Supercloth Surface.

Monthly “Cleaning Tips” Contest

Starting this month, we will be running a monthly  “cleaning tips” contest. We are looking for unique cleaning tips that make cleaning easier and less of a task. The winner will be awarded the “Special of the Month” and your tip will be published on our website and newsletter.  Everyone has a favorite cleaning tip they like to share with friends or family – so come on and enter your favorite cleaning tip!

Click on the “Enter To Win Box” below for more information about the contest and to enter your tip.  

Supercloth Clean Tip Contest