Cleaning doors is one of those tasks we put off until the dust bounces off them. Doors, especially painted white doors, show up fingerprints, scuff marks on the bottom, and just about any kind of dirt. The top of all door frame collects the most dust. It’s time to give your doors a good cleaning from top to bottom.

What to do and where to start

Door CleaningHere’s a quick and easy way to clean doors which consist of a door frame, door and the knob. I recommend you clean from the top to bottom.

  1. Wipe the dust from the door frame first, especially the top (ledge) where the dust collects and then all around the frame. Then dust the door completely. A Supercloth Clean Cloth will work perfectly. 
  2. Wet your Supercloth Floor with water or your favorite all-purpose cleaner, keeping extra on it – you will need to wash the door from top to bottom. Wash the frame first and then wash the door working your way down past the door knob, which seems to collect finger prints, down to the bottom where you may find scuff marks. Entry doors in our house get the most traffic and the most dirt. After washing the frame and door, buff dry with a Supercloth Clean Cloth.  
  3. To wash the door knob use very fine dry steel wool and all-purpose cleaner to remove finger prints and dirt. Buff dry and your door knobs will appear bright and shiny. 

Window sills need attention too!

This is the best time of the year to address cleaning your window sills. With the weather warming up,  after cleaning your window sills, you can open the windows and let the fresh spring air in.

Window sills not only collect dust, but for those of you with children who love to look at the window or have cats like I do who love to bask in the sun on your window sills, their may be other kinds of dirt besides dust. 

What you can do

  • Open all the windows in the room before starting.
  • In a bucket mix water and Clorox.
  • Dust the inside and outside of the window sill – I start with the inside first.
  • Dip a sponge into the water and Clorox mixture and wipe them clean.
  • Dry with paper towels and they will stay spic and span for a long time.

Supercloth Clean Cleaning Tips Contest

19300159_lThe winner of last month’s Supercloth Clean Cleaning Tips Contest is Betsy Sawyer. Betsy sent in this great tip that is unique and helpful for all of us with cats or dogs. 

Use a rubber glove to remove cat and dog hair off furniture

Besty wins last months Supercloth Special which is “The Hello Spring Bundle“. A great prize!

You can be a winner too! Be sure to send in your cleaning tips – The winner will be awarded the “Special of the Month” and your tip will be published on our website and newsletter.  Everyone has a favorite cleaning tip they like to share with friends or family – so come on and enter your favorite! Click on the “Enter To Win Box” below for more information about the contest and to enter your tip.  

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