Car Cleaning

There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than a clean car – both inside and out – ready for summer rides. It’s one of those tasks we all seem to put off during the winter. Summer is here – make it a family fun project and get the kids involved. It’s a well know fact that keeping your car clean will make it last longer and make you feel good too. It can be expensive to have your car cleaned at a Scrub-a-dub or your neighborhood car wash. All you really need is water, a hose, bucket, exterior car cleaner, Supercloth Cloth and Supercloth Floor and you’re good to go.

Cleaning the exterior

I start by cleaning the exterior of the car first – from the top and work my way to the bottom.

  • Give the exterior a good rinse to get the large pieces of dirt off.
  • Use your Supercloth Floor to clean the top of your car and other hard to get areas.
  • Clean your tire rims with your Supercloth Cloth. Try to clean by moving in a clockwise direction to prevent streaks.
  • Once you have finished washing and rinsing the exterior, use a dry Supercloth Cloth to buff out your car making it look shiny and new.

Tip: I also use my Supercloth Floor to clean the snow of my car so that the paint doesn’t get scratched.

Cleaning the interior

Now it’s time to clean the interior. You want to start at the front and work your way back.

  • Bring out a bucket of warm water to rinse your Supecloth Surface cloth when needed.
  • Remove all car mats, rinse and set them aside to dry.
  • Take your Supercloth Cloth and clean the inside front, side and back windows.
  • Wipe down the dashboard, inside doors and seats – rinse your Supercloth Surface as needed.
  • Vacuum the interior – once again, starting from the front to the back and then the floors.

Once you are done, store away your Supercloth products for other household tasks. Then take your car for a ride and enjoy it’s shiny exterior and also being able to see out the front window, day or night, with no more film on it!