We are a small family business that has used Supercloth™  for many years. We want to share this European cleaning secret with others. Our friends and customers rave about what a wonderful product Supercloth™ is. No matter what the task – dusting, polishing, cleaning – Supercloth™ makes all of their cleaning jobs easier along with saving them money and time.  Best of all, Supercloth™ is an environmentally friendly cloth!

We no longer need to use harsh chemical cleaners or a bucketful of products and cleaning tools to get the job done. All we need is Supercloth™. We are confident you will feel the same.


Grace’s story

My first Supercloth™

Seven years go my very good friend gave me my first Supercloth™. She was so excited to tell me about this amazing product and how it would make cleaning so much easier. At first I didn’t believe it and then I tried it on a big mirror, it was like magic…the mirror shined without a lot of fuss, it was what my friend had said and more. When I tried it on windows it left no lint and dust came off my furniture without having to use chemical spray. My house never shined this way before.

Before I knew about Supercloth™ , I used to use baby diapers, which cost me a fortune as I went through quite a few of them without having the same results.

After a few months of using my first Supercloth™ I knew I needed a fresh one. My friends supplier was no longer selling them. It made me sad to think my Supercloth™ adventure had ended.

A New Beginning

This is where my Supercloth™ story get’s interesting. I decided to search online for other avenues and found the main Supercloth company located in Italy. On their website they have a place where anybody can apply to became a distributor. I decided I wanted to do this and spoke to Vilma Ramirez, Manager (one of my best friends now) at Supercloth’s home office. Vilma explained if I bought as little as 100 Supercloths I could try to sell them and if I did well with that amount I could purchase more. The gracious Vilma Ramirez took me by the hand; she is always there when I need her. I tried to sell them on ebay first. I was surprised everybody knew about Supercloth™. Sales were great and remain that way; I still sell on ebay today. My user ID is “Cleanday”. I have the power sell logo and 100% feedback rating. I’m “Top Rated Seller”. The rest is history.

A Visit to Supercloth™ Headquarters Italy

Two years, in August of 2009, my family and I were lucky enough to go visit Supercloth’s main headquarters in Altamura (Bari)Italy. The company is located 2 hours away from my home town. I am Italian, born in Italy. Vilma took time off from her vacation to show me and my family around Supercloth™. The inside of the company is all state of the art with modern colors of white and red with glass stairs. There is a room with about 20 TV monitors. I also saw where they manufacture Supercloth™ cloths. It’s all done downstairs in the same building.

Supercloth™ Distributor

I have been a Supercloth™ Distributor for 3 years now. I have my own website and I ship Supercloth™ everywhere – the United States, Canada and Internationally. I love being a Supercloth™ Distributor. I have met some very wonderful people. Every time they call me to ask a question we talk about what a wonderful product Supercloth is. I am making a lot of people very happy to do housework instead of dreading it. I love my job and will love it for many years to come. Many thanks to my friend who introduced me to this wonderful product. Little did she know she was changing my life.

About Supercloth™

Headquartered in Altamura (Bari)Italy Supercloth employs 25 people including Antonio Loizzo, President of Supercloth. To read more about Supercloth go to www.supercloth.com.


SuperCloth Clean is now a Member of the Better Business Bureau.

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