Supercloth easily removes all kind of dust and dirt from any type of surface without the need for detergents or chemicals and without leaving streaks. For best results, use the Supercloth according to the following instructions.

PRE-USE: Rinse the Supercloth thoroughly under warm tap water for about 1-2 minutes before initial use. This will help remove any small amount of excess (ecologically safe) dye, which may bleed from the Supercloth the first time.

USE: In order to leave surfaces dry and streak free, wet the Supercloth thoroughly under ordinary tap water and wring out excess water well (leaving the Supercloth damp), then wipe down surface. The dampness left on the surface of the object you are cleaning will dissipate within seconds, leaving the object spotless. No streaks and no lint.

USES: Used damp, the Supercloth is perfect for cleaning: Mirrors, Glass, Mini-Blinds, Ceiling fans, Windows, Furniture, Bathroom and Kitchen (brass/ chrome) fixtures, Tiles, Shower doors, Stainless steel and black appliances, TV screens, Computer screens, Silverware, Crystal, Car dashboards, Leather seats, etc.

CARE: To make the Supercloth last longer and maintain its excellent qualities, simply rinse under ordinary tap water to remove dust and dirt. If heavily soiled, use a small amount of a neutral detergent (a detergent that would normally be used for delicates) and rinse under warm water. Wring out excess water and line dry. Do not put the Supercloth in a machine dryer. Under normal use and regular maintenance, the Supercloth will retain its normal qualities for months.