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 … the cloth that removes all  dirt


Supercloth  Kitchen is the perfect cloth to clean  the surfaces that needs more specific cleaning and accurate, without any help of detergents! It  is able to absorb any liquid keeping  unaltered its cleaning action.

Removes dirt and decals extractor’s fans, sinks, cooking tops and ovens, without leaving any grease.

Supercloth Kitchen is the optimal solution to avoid any marks or signs of  calcareous without fatigue on nay material present in the kitchen. Made with a special material that even cleaning once,  assures  a perfect  and shiny cleaning without  leaving any streaks , plush or halos.

Supercloth  is the result of an advanced  production technologies application  made with selected raw materials.

The excellent characteristics of  absorption, resistance, elasticity and durability, makes it unique and  unmatchable on daily use.


Supercloth kitchen easily removes all  kind ofdirt from any  kitchen surfaces, without using detergents or chemicals  and without living any halos.

To use better Supercloth kitchen, is necessary to follow instructions:

BEFORE USING: soak  Supercloth kitchen in warm water , which helps to remove small quantities of excess dye color (environment safety) that can come out at first time used.

USING INSTRUCTIONS:  To  clean surfaces and leave them dry without any halos, wet Supercloth kitchen completely with ordinary water and  wring out WELL ( keep  it damp), than rub the surface . The light  dampness  left on surface,  will disappear in few seconds, leaving surface without streaks. No halos or marks.

HOW TO USE:  Used damped,  SUPERCLOTH KITCHEN is perfect to clean: extractors hoods,  cooking surfaces and any other material.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  To have Supercloth kitchen last longer and keep its excellent qualities, simply rinse out with ordinary water to remove dirt. If is over dirty, use a small quantity of softer  fabric soap and rinse out  with hot water. Don’t use any chemical  or aggressive product.

  • Don’t use bleach or ammonia.
  • Don’t wash it together with underwear.
  • When finish using it, avoid keeping it damp or wet on plastic bags or containers. Let it dry  without sun exposure  and avoid any contact with heat.
  • Don’t dry-clean.

Thanks to a good care, your Supercloth kitchen will keep its qualities  for several months.

Supercloth Kitchen measure 18″ x 14″ and is made for use in the Kitchen only. This size is exactly the same as the Original Supercloth.

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