Buy 1 Supercloth The Original Floor Refill Package Get 1 Free (8 Mini altogether) 8,6″ X 12,6″

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Limited Time Only – Buy 1 package of Supercloth Floor Refills — that’s 4 cloths — and get 1 package free — a total of 8 cloths.  

The Supercloth™ Floor Refills are specially made to be used with a handle mop such as a Swiffer Sweeper. When these floor wipes are attach to a mop head, dust and dirt adhere to them and allow it to work better than a mop. An abrasive material of the wet cloth helps you get stains and grime off the floor.

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Instructions for use

Put the floor wipe on the mop and wet it with any spray cleaner to clean any spots or dust. You can reuse the cloth and wash it in the washing machine.

To wash the floor, wet the Supercloth floor wipe with water and any floor soap such as Pinesol and proceed with the floor cleaning. Then rinse the cloth with ordinary water and repeat the procedure.

Under normal use and regular maintenance the Supercloth™ Floor Refills will last for at least 6 months.

Product Specifications

Each cloth is 8.6″ x 12.6″

Made of 50% polyamide/50% polyester

Made in Italy

2 Packages containing 4 cloths each


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