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What is Supercloth™?

Supercloth™ is the amazing European Cleaning Secret. SUPERCLOTH™ easily removes all kinds of dust and dirt from any type of surface without the need for detergents or chemicals and without leaving streaks. 

What are the benefit of using the Supercloth™?

  • Saves time, work and money
  • Easy-to-use
  • Long lasting
  • No detergents or chemicals
  • No streaking
  • Cleans many different surfaces
  • Its a dust magnet!
  • Soft to the touch
  • Cleans, dries and polishes

How long does Supercloth™ last for?

Under normal use and regular cleaning, the Supercloth™ will retain its normal qualities for months. Supercloth™ is made of high resistant durable fabric allowing many uses. 

Can I add chemicals when using the Supercloth™?

No. the beauty of the Supercloth™ is that it works with just ordinary tap water, without adding any chemicals or detergents.

Is Supercloth™ Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! Supercloth™ respects the earth and environment. The raw materials used are free of chemical solvents and water based colors are used when printing the Supercloth™ name and logo.

How do I clean my Supercloth?

Simply rinse under ordinary tap water to remove dust and dirt. If heavily soiled, use a small amount of a neutral liquid fabric detergent and rinse under warm water. A neutral liquid fabric detergent is a liquid detergent used for delicate fabrics, such as Woolite. Wring out excess water and line dry. Do not put the Supercloth™ in a machine dryer. Under normal use and regular maintenance, the Supercloth™ will retain its normal qualities for months.

Can the Supercloth™ be used on fine wood furniture?

Yes, as long as aft of the excess water is wrong out, the Supercloth™ will work great on all types of furniture. Make sure to wring out the cloth well.

What can I clean with my Supercloth™?

Used damp ONLY, the Supercloth™ is perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces, such as; furniture, mirrors, glass, mini-blinds, ceiling fans, windows, bathroom and kitchen (brass/chrome) fixtures, tiles, shower doors, stainless steel and black appliances, TV screens, computer screens, silverware, crystal, car dash boards, chrome bumpers and much more.